Academica Futebol Club offers club soccer programs for boys & girls from U8-U23. AFC clubs compete in the CJSA Premier League and/or Region I Premier League.

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Griffin Tomas Interview
by posted 12/03/2019

Griffin Tomas Interview

Griffin Tomas: Achievements/Bio:

- Played AFC for 10 Years

High School Senior Captain:

    - 2x ALL Conference 1st Team

    - First Team All State

    - Senior Bowl Selection

    - 45 Career Goals and 53 Career Assists

Freshman Year of College:

    - Started 13 out of 15 Games

    - Third Most Minutes on Team

    - Recorded two assists as a Left Back 

How did you get your start playing soccer? 
I started playing soccer at 5 years old, but I started touching a ball beforehand when my older brother started playing.

What do you love about soccer? 
 My love for soccer can be greatly attributed to my goal-oriented personality. From a young age I was always fueled by competition. Soccer offers an outlet for me to direct and embellish these qualities. The infinite capacity for improvement has always appealed to me as there is always a better version of myself that I can pursue. Above all, I love how soccer can allow me the ability to win and dominate another team.

How long have you played at AFC? What did you like about the AFC program? 
I’ve played AFC since I was 10(u11) to 18 (u18). I’ve played for 8 years and I’ve never regretted a second of it. People have always asked me why I didn’t play for a bigger and more popular club in Connecticut and I always replied with “I don’t care about winning games, I care about developing my ability to play soccer”. In other words, my mindset has been to invest in my abilities and not a winning record because my abilities are what would advance me to the next level. AFC never operated operated on a philosophy that revolved around winning, instead their main priority was to develop the players. As a result, winning was generated as a byproduct as I've won numerous tournaments and even made it to a state cup final. A good analogy for this is a simple math equation: AFC taught me how to solve the equation where other clubs would 
have just gave me the answer. Instead of finding talent and putting it in a position to win, AFC generated talent and winning came along with that. 

How have you improved as a player? 

Throughout the years I’ve developed technically, tactically, and mentally. There is no doubt that I have developed technically throughout the years, which is one of the main contributions that I can accredit to AFC. I also developed tactically which means I was able to gain a better understanding of the game. Through AFC I learned the value of becoming a student of the game. I frequently watch soccer and even film on myself to acquire a higher degree of understanding for my position and the overall strategy and mechanics of soccer. Lastly and most importantly, AFC has improved the mental aspect of my game. They equipped me with the necessary tools to motivate myself in both soccer and life. I was educated on the importance of practicing outside the teams training sessions. It was often preached that everyone goes to practice, so the difference in improvement resides in what was done outside of practice. Ultimately, AFC has shaped me to have the ideal mindset to which I can manifest my aspirations. I was able to navigate and manage my expectations for the future. I was also taught to appreciate the fact that I can always get better regardless of my current state of success. This mindset is something that I still apply to my daily endeavors both on and off the pitch. 

What are your post-graduation plans? 

After graduating high school, my plans were to play Division 1 soccer at Monmouth University. I became interested in this school upon the influence of my Coach, Ryan Kinne (for the last two years of AFC). Coach Kinne had attended Monmouth and eventually advanced to play professional soccer in the MLS. He recommended the school to me because he felt it was a good fit so as long as I continued to work on my weaknesses. After persistently working towards improving my weaknesses, I verbally committed to Monmouth in the summer before my senior year. After committing I still continued to put in work everyday, through AFC training sessions and on my own. After all of this, I have just finished my Freshman season and started just about every game, with the third most minutes on the team, some of which were at positions I have never played in my life. I am currently studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Decision Sciences as I am striving for a career that is business-oriented. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

I spend most of my spare time in the gym or on the field. I’ve come to realize that the more time I spend on the field, the better a player I become. Again, this is in large part due to the mindset that was instilled in me during my career at AFC.  

What are your favorite AFC soccer memories? 

One of my most unforgettable moments at AFC has to be when I was around 13 years old at a tournament in Massachusetts, freezing cold. We had a game in the cold rain and I had no 
gloves or under armor. I vividly remember my Coach,  Manny Oliviera, telling me to stop standing and shivering, and to just play the game. After telling me this around 15 times that game, I was still unsuccessful in playing the game as I stood there the whole game shivering and worrying about the cold and not the game. Although he wasn’t happy at that given moment, we still talk and joke about it to this day. Now, every time there is a cold game, I think of Coach Manny yelling at me to get moving and play the game rather than letting the cold get the best of me. To this day I implement this and have never had a problem with cold weather. Aside from this story, there are countless stories that are simply too difficult to narrow down. With that being said, I am beyond grateful for the relationships I have made with my coaches and fellow teammates. I still regularly talk with both of my coaches and I can safely say that our relationships have developed into strong friendships. My experience at AFC was unforgettable and something I'll cherish for the rest of my life.  

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AFC College Showcase Winners
by posted 12/02/2019

AFC College Showcase Winners



Congratulations to the Boys U16 Team and the Girls U17 Team who won their

Age Division in the AFC College Showcase Tournament!

Great Job Players and Coaches!

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Congratulation to our 06 girls in winning the EDP CT league
by posted 11/06/2019

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AFC Winter Clinics 2020
by posted 10/25/2019

AFC Winter Clinics 2020


AFC Winter Clinics 2020


Meriden Soccer Club is once again proud to partner with Academica Futebol Club (AFC) to offer Winter Clincs for our Members at a discounted rate.

AFC is offering a Foot Skills Program as well as a Finishing School for our Members.

This is a great oppurtunity for our players to stay active during the winter and get touches on the ball as well as gain some technical skills.

Below are the dates and more information as well as registration links.


Everything included in the AFC clinic's curriculum meets two objectives concerning soccer: fun and progress. Any athlete finds that the mental concentration and physical effort necessary for success comes easily when the activity provides enjoyment. With this in mind, the program includes varied creative exercises designed to resemble match conditions.

Foot Skills Program
Designed to help field players have control and confidence while the ball is in their possession. It will focus on various ways to help them become better attackers and understand how to escape pressure.
Boys & Girls
U6 (2014) - U10 (2010)
Tuesdays 6-7pm

U11 (2009) U12 (2008)
Tuesdays 7-8pm

U13 2007 U14 (2006)
Tuesdays 8-9pm
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, & 25
The Finishing School
Designed to help field players find the correct technique in striking a ball while going to goal from different distances and angles. The clinic also teaches players to use different parts of the foot to accomplish good goal scoring technique.
Boys & Girls
U11 (2009) - U14 (2006)
Tuesdays 8-9pm
Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4, 11, 18, & 25


277 Atkins St
Meriden CT
Cost per Clinic: $90
Age Groups
U6 (2014)- U10 (2010)
U11 (2009)- U12 (2008)
U13 (2007), & U14 (2006)
Teams based on USSF/USYSA age groups for boys and girls.


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