Academica Futebol Club offers club soccer programs for boys & girls from U8-U23. AFC clubs compete in the CJSA Premier League and/or Region I Premier League.

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What is AFC (Academica Futebol Club)?

Academica Futebol Club known as AFC, is a youth premier soccer organization that offers a variety of soccer programs for boys and girls ages U8-U23.

When was AFC established?

Spring 2003

Why AFC?

AFC is committed to individual player's development within the confines of well-organized team play.  The ultimate objective is to have all players develop into a more rounded and complete soccer player.  AFC will help players achieve their full potential in a Fun, Positive, Motivating and Challenging atmosphere.  AFC will strive to be one of the best club, if not, these best futebol club on a state, regional and national level.

What programs does AFC offer?


  • Premier Development Program
  • Premier Program

What is the Premier Development Program and for what ages?

For boys / girls ages U8-U12.  The objective of the Premier Development Program is to identify players with the potential of becoming premier soccer players and provide them with high-level training and professional coaching.  The developmental program will serve as a stepping-stone in preparing players for the AFC  Premier program.

Can players participate in our Premier Development Program and their current travel team?

YES!  AFC makes a commitment to play all its games on Sundays so players have the opportunities to play for their travel teams on Saturdays. 
Please Note: AFC understands that not all conflicts can be avoided but will make every effort to minimize how many exist.

What is the Premier Program and for what ages?

For boys / girls ages Premier-U19.  The objective is dedicated to providing professional quality instruction.  Our club goal at this level is to be one of the best, if not, the best Futebol Club in and out-of-state.  An established coach will head each team to continue the player and its team development.  AFC are strongly focused on developing players within the team concept, in preparation of excelling at the  High School, College and Professional Levels.

What are the roster sizes for AFC teams?

The roster sizes for all AFC teams are determined by the quantity and quality at our annual tryouts.  Below is a range of what roster sizes may consist of:

  • U11-U12 Teams: Range from 14-22 players
  • U13-U16 Teams: Range from 15-18 players
  • U17-U19 Teams: Range from 15-22 players
  • U23 Teams: Range from 18-20 players
  • New England Mutiny: Range from 20-24 players

How is playing time determined?

Playing time for the U11-U12 teams is determined on the player's development at the current time.  All players will play as playing in games are the best way to develop.  With that being said, each player will play the amount of time the coach feels the player is ready to manage. 

Playing time for U13-U19 is earned not guarantee. 

Please Note: Any players and/or parents with concerns with playing time may speak with the coach regarding what the player can do to improve in order to obtain more playing time but may never question a coach why the player is only playing 'X' amount of minutes.

When are tryouts for any of the AFC teams?

All tryouts are held annually during the months of June.  Any AFC teams with open roster spots after tryouts will be allowed to have players attend training sessions as an evaluation only if the players are not registered with another premier organization.  Players with another premier organization must obtain permission and/or a release from their club before exploring the option with an AFC team.

What is the commitment if selected?

The commitment for all teams is all year round: Fall, Winter and Spring.  Any premier teams with high school players on the roster, those players will join the teams once the high school season has concluded.  All teams U15 and older will begin training once the high school season has concluded.  Any U15 team and older that elects to start training immediately following the high school season prior to January 1st are allowed as along as all players have concluded their high school season.

How often do the teams train?

  • Fall / Spring: twice a week
  • Winter: Once a week
    Please Note: During the Fall / Spring season, teams are allowed to train more than twice a week if both the coaches and players elect too as well as, if field space is available.

Where do the teams train during the winter season?

Teams train at the Waterbury Athletic Center in Waterbury.

Where do the teams train and play their home games for outdoors?

Midsate Park (U14 and up) Baldwin Pond Park ( U8-U13) all fields are in Meriden CT

What leagues do the AFC teams play in?

All AFC teams will compete in either CJSA Premier League and or CCSL.

Does AFC teams compete in the State Cup?


What is AFC's position on ODP?

AFC promotes all players to play at all levels that will enhance their overall soccer abilities.

What other programs and/or activities does AFC offer?

AFC offers an AFC Club Day, College Prep Seminar . In addition to those activities within the club, AFC provides overnight camps, day camps, high school preseasons and town/travel camps.

What is the U23 program?

The U23 Program is designed to allow former AFC  players, current college players and AFC Juniors/Seniors in high school the opportunity to play throughout the summer.  The team does not train but does play matches during the months of June and July.  For more information regarding the U23 Program, please contact us at    The U23 Program does not hold tryouts!